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Daily Reporting

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  • What’s the difference between the Daily Plans Summary Report and Plan Summary?
  • How to utilize data from reports in daily work?

Daily plans report and plan summary

Would you like to start a new day with a clear summary of recent plans containing all critical information about your DevOps backup status? As you know, GitProtect provides you with a multi-layered approach to monitoring. The Daily Report Summary (sent straight to your mailbox) informs you about the statuses of tasks within the plan, the size of the transferred data, and backup duration. There is also an option to set up a summary per single plan, automatically sent to specific people.

With you have full visibility of your plans' performance, and you can easily track which jobs are in progress and already finished successfully, or which ones finished with warnings or an error or failed to run. All of that will help to ensure the reliability, integrity, and compliance of your data protection efforts.

Daily reports facilitate monitoring and compliance with legal requirements and security standards. They prove to be extremely useful for audits and security checks – you have all important data and statistics at your fingertips. In case of a warning or an error, your DevSecOps team will be able to swiftly analyze and respond to an issue, eliminating any possibility of data loss.

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