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Restoring To The Same Or A New Account

What you will learn from this article?

  • Why to restore GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab to the same or a new account
  • Why to restore Jira, JWM, and JSM to the same or a new account

Restoring your DevOps backup to the same or a new account in GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or Jira can depend on the specific context, objectives, requirements, and priorities of your organization. Thus, to meet your needs and expectations, provides you with the possibility to easily set a restore destination and get your backed-up data in a new or the same account quickly without interrupting your business continuity.

GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab data restore to the same or a new account

Depending on the situation - service outage, or growing security restrictions, you may need to restore your DevOps environment to the same or a new account.

Restore DevOps backup to the same account

For example, if you need all your integrations, webhooks, and third-party integrations to remain functional, or you want your team to continue their work without major changes to their workflow, it’s better to restore your source code to the same account should the disaster strike.

Restore DevOps backup to a new account

In case your git provider is undergoing some outage, your account has been compromised or there are some security concerns, you can use to restore your DevOps data to a new account. In this situation, will help you isolate your recovered critical data from potential threads. Or there may be another scenario when you need to recover your GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab data - major workflow changes. Thus, restoring to a new account will allow you to implement significant changes to the repository structure, permissions, or integrations without affecting your ongoing projects.

Restore Jira Software, JWM, and JSM to the same or a new account

Service outages, possible security threats, and human errors can lead to data loss. What can save your data, nerves, and business continuity? Backup with cutting-edge Disaster Recovery Technology.

Restore Jira backup to the same Jira account

In the situation when you have no concerns about the security of your Jira account, can help you easily restore your data to the same account your team is already using. It will allow you to preserve the same account settings and configurations, that, in its turn, help your team continue their work with minimal disruptions, as they are already familiar with their account’s structure and setting.

Restore Jira backup to a new Jira account or no-user recovery option

Once you have serious concerns about the security of the original Jira account (for example due to compromised credentials), or you’re planning to have significant changes to Jira’s configuration, permissions, workflows, or custom fields, restoring to a new Jira account makes sense. It will help you to separate your recovered data from current projects and implement any changes without fear of losing your critical data.

Here it’s also worth mentioning, that allows you to restore your data with a no-user recovery option. Within Jira’s billing model, you need to pay for each user who uses the app. Thus, hypothetically it can cost you twice what you currently pay if you want to restore your entire Jira environment, as you need to have 2x more users, right? No such thing. With the no-user recovery option, you can simply restore all your users Jira data (without actual users), and thus not go over your existing Jira price plan. With this option enabled, you can restore your critical data to a free Jira account too.

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