Unlimited Accounts Consolidation

What you will learn from this article?

  • What options does GitProtect provide to secure multiple accounts, organizations and/or services? is aimed at securing your entire DevOps environment. That’s why, no matter what complex infrastructure your organization may have - with the DevOps backup provider you can protect as many accounts, repositories, or projects as you need. Everything to help you streamline your backup processes and comprehensive data protection across multiple accounts and organizations.

For example, your organization may use GitHub, Bitbucket, and/or GitLab for version control and history purposes, and Jira for collaboration and project management. As backs up all those environments, you can easily protect your full DevOps infrastructure by simply consolidating all your critical DevOps data within a single backup interface. In this case, you can easily manage and monitor backups for diverse accounts or platforms from a unified web console, simplifying the backup process and enhancing overall data management efficiency.

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