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Welcome to the last article in 2023. Was it the best or worst of times? The answer always lies somewhere in between. There is no exaggeration in saying that reports on Chat GPT and other popular ML models dominated the media. Despite all the publicity, it is still a fledgling technology with its limitations. At this stage, is there a place for AI in DevOps? Many voices are saying adopting AI-powered tools will help to revolutionize DevOps teams’ operations. Mostly by minimizing manual work and enhancing software quality – but we are dealing with a process that has only just begun. While there are real benefits in fields like data analytics, security, and threat detection, AI solutions carry also some serious concerns related to organizational security. We will need to learn to balance the good with the… rest. 

However, many security teams still struggle with quite a different challenge – how to keep up pace with testing. There is no easy fix, but by including security into a process we can effectively reduce risk and minimize application vulnerabilities. As such security becomes a fundamental issue that must be taken into account from the very beginning. In many cases DevSecOps acts as a bridge, closing the security knowledge gap between IT and business operations. With this switch – or turning left – we can support cyber threats’ early detection and ensure robust system security and monitoring in line with current security and legal requirements. 

We are doing our very best to support DevOps professionals in the process of acquiring new skills and gaining deeper insights into data protection. Second year in a row, we present a summary of our top-rated resources and security tips – we hope that they will help you build and maintain the right security culture within your organization. Now, to not delay any longer, what information our readers were searching for in 2023?

GitProtect’s top security and tech features in 2023


We passed the ISO 27001 certification audit
The ISO 27001 certification is proof we have built a reliable framework for protecting sensitive information – infrastructure, customers’ data, and processes – and can respond to the ever-evolving threat landscape that the digital world involves. 


GitProtect with the SAML integration
How to keep authentication and authorization at a maximum safety level? By optimizing the DevOps authentication experience and integrating GitProtect with the SAML protocol, including Azure AD, Okta, Auth0, CyberArk, and Google.


Top DevOps data protection monitoring
What distinguishes great tools from good enough? A comprehensive and multi-layered insight into what is happening under the hood like – are your backup policies or the SLA meet? what are backup statuses? You need proof not belief that your DevOps data are secure, and that’s what GitProtect offers, among other things. 


We Are Now SOC 2 Type II Compliant!
Security is our DNA – and it’s not just words as we are proving it again. After SOC 2 Type I and ISO 27001 audits, we completed the SOC 2 Type II report covering all principles of information security, which are: Security, Availability, Confidentiality, and Processing Integrity as well as all common COSO and information security criteria. We also learned a lot from our experience and now can support our customers in their auditing processes – reliable and proven backup is a must-have. 

Security assessment as easy as 1,2,3…
This was a big change introduced over the course of several releases. We started small with dedicated stats for better data-driven decisions, next with the SLA and the Compliance checker and with the 1.5.1 release, GitProtect becomes a complete SLA reporting solution. As a security professional, you are tasked with a specific range of responsibilities. Among them, sharing important security details with the Management and we are presenting you with all the tools to do that the best way. 


Jira with instant granular rollback
Disaster recovery covers all outcomes – that’s the reason we are so focused on delivering the best DR solution for the DevOps ecosystem. But in some cases, like “day-to-day” data loss a granular restore solution can work better. In general, that’s how GitProtect works. But with version 1.6.0 you can use the GitProtect instant granular rollback as your go-to solution to restore very specific Jira data.

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As for GitProtect Blog, we published almost 70 new blog posts at the same time updating older content so you can always access relevant information. Here are the most popular documents, articles, and best practices posts – according to our readers. 

Top documents

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GitHub Backup Cheat Sheet

Top articles

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Be ready for 2024

⭐️ DevSecOps in 2024

Late discovery of bugs, technical defects, and security vulnerabilities can cause delayed releases, increased costs, and, as a result, damage to a company’s reputation. To overcome these challenges, organizations have started adopting the shift left approach. By bringing Security into DevOps operations, potential issues are tackled proactively, leading to more efficient and reliable software production. 

As the benefits of the DevSecOps approach are substantial, implementing this strategy may not come without some obstacles. Let’s discuss how to transform your organization and implement DevSecOps without any hassle. 

  1. DevSecOps MythBuster:
  1. Automated Security for DevOps: How DevSecOps Approach Can Improve Your Workflow
  2. Harnessing DevOps Potential: Why Backup Is a Missing Piece (and introduction to this topic)
  3. CISO Practical Guide: 10 Steps Every CISO Should Take

⭐️ AI in 2024

AI has a capacity to revolutionize the way we are “doing” DevOps nowadays. It already has a wide application in the security department. By entering the field of automatic testing, automatic deployment, and resource management it can have a big impact on the speed, accuracy, and reliability of the software development lifecycle. The vital question is, how to implement AI into your process and what are the best practices for using AI in DevOps? There is a few possibilities:

  1. Harnessing AI and ChatGPT for DevOps Processes
  2. GitHub Copilot Introduction, an AI-assisted Coding
  3. Hacking AI vs. DevOps security – how attackers impose their will on AI and how to protect your DevOps data

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